It’s been a long times since I’ve been this stuck for something to say. Even if it’s just a few short and sweet sentences, I’ve been able to get something down before bed pretty comfortably for the last few weeks, as far as I can remember. But tonight I am stuck.

Logan would like me to write about him, but I fear that I’ll say something he deems offensive and never be fully forgiven. That said, I will at least concede that he is not always a total shitebag and that it’s been nice to have some chats with him while I’ve been home.

I’ve watch two Harry Potter films over the last two days, and while I don’t want to review them, I feel like I could say something about the franchise as a whole. Given that there are six other, extremely long films in that franchise (and that I’ve already reviewed at least two of them), and that I haven’t read the books in years, that also seems like something that will inevitably be either very long or tediously short.

There was even the possibility of writing something about leaving tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done the ‘I don’t want to get on a train I want to be warm and comfy in [insert place here] forever’ post at least a few times already, and I have even less to say than normal, given that this time I’m going to a party.

So I’m going to cheat and say that this is counts, because it’s three compressed posts in one and I haven’t done something this obnoxiously meta for a while.


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